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Welcome to Emerald Avenue—a collection of family-owned farms, wineries and small businesses based in Southwest Michigan. Let us help you experience the rich flavors, engaging history and natural beauty of our region.

Which Foods are Fresh in June?

People often ask: “What’s fresh right now on the Emerald Avenue?”

For the month of June, a multitude of crops are ripening.
If you love fresh, locally-grown produce, there is an abundance of leafy greens, asparagus and rhubarb. These are great for a range of spring dishes including roasted kale, parsley and spinach pesto, or you could go all-out and make strawberry rhubarb ginger compote.
If you are looking for some fresh herbs, the area has ample cilantro and parsley. Pair these herbs up with some poultry and a chilled glass of local white wine and you’re in for a serious treat.
And of course, Southwest Michigan is known for its succulent fruits, some of which do come ripe in June including cherries, which are a big thing here on Friday Road. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries also come ripe about this time of year, often coming later in June, towards the heat of July. Some of our members offer U-pick areas that can be found on their member pages.
Personally, I love adding rhubarb to any of the berries (or all of them) and baking them into amazing fruit pies that just beg to be topped with ice cream.
Even though autumn is generally accepted as harvest time, June is the start of the growing season and it offers plenty to celebrate. Get some family and friends together and visit our new farmers market—we hope to see you out there!


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